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I – Rationale

By pozu

Over the past dozen decades, humanity and its economic system has been rapidly advancing and uncovering previously unknown secrets of the world and developing new theories in the art of Capitalist economics. Although, these new findings have lead way to a horrific future of corrupt privately owned businesses that are demonstrating the duality of the significance of money, with the amount of control they hold over the government, and what is put into law. The accelerated rate of suicide in adolescents has also shun a light to the failings of post-industrial Capitalism, inflating hedonism and degeneracy in the populus from the lacking of a consistent, self efficient funding from employment. And due to the ever growing reach of technology, false outlets for temporary happiness have been developed, staring at phones and watching funny, “relatable” content on such devices. Thus a need to revert to past technological states is required to fulfill actualization and a truly joyful society, and abolishing the blissfully ignorant reality of mainstream, internet-based society is likely needed to do so, to break from the oppressive shackles of a couch-residing life and live a more naturalized, self-productive lifestyle.
    The progressivism of Western Civilization proves time and time again to be a cancer, bidding the coinage of several boogeyman groups, be it Marxists, Jews or Blacks. Though they may or may not be a disturbance to our society, it is benefactory to abolish the privatized leeches of the economy before you can abolish the other disturbances. The rejection of identity politics is also necessary to cure us of this cancer, as it is a weapon privatized corporations used indiscriminately against the members of society who dissent against their political views. The promotion of civic engagement is also needed to strengthen the nationality and patriotism of the people, to provide a determinate motive for their workings and contributions to the nation, and to discourage the use of identity politics as a hypothetical Neo-Agrarian society of this ideology. The push of identity politics on the young and vulnerable is also to blame for the accelerationist hedonism in society, with the rise of adolescents being chemically castrated by their parents, forced on hormonal therapy, and being ideologically subjugated to pessimistic nihilism, reactionary social justice and moral corruption.


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