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14 points of pan third positionism by Cjxproxy and Professor

1 we call for a new revolutionary idea that is for combining not only all forms of the third position but also all forms of anti liberal ideology

2 we call for a unification of not only all third position ideologies excluding (hitlerian national socialism) but also the old left ,neo reactionary, anarcho nationalist, and all who are against neo liberal imperialism

3 We call for a vanguard party to lead these revolutionary ideas into one unified force against the current neo liberal order

4 we call for all Nationalist to reject neo liberalism,American exceptionalism, imperialism and intimidation like the Iraq and Syrian war

5 we support right of all cultural and religious  groups right to self determination 

6 Once pan third positionism takes over the government we call for the third position to come up with a new non free market capitalist or utopian economic system that can fit the needs of the people in that country.

7 for the pan third position ideology to thrive once in control of any government we call for it to be isolated and self dependent this is called pan third positionism in one country

8 we call for a complete cultural revolution to sweep away liberal and materialistic culture and create a new traditional culture

9 we call for the complete removal of all the neo liberal elites in government,corporations, media and academia we call for class struggle not to abolish property or achieve anarcho communism but remove the current order

10 we call for a complete rejection of black and white views on politics and civilization development we understand that we can take ideas from ideology that we don’t fully agree with and the combining of left and right wing ideas is not impossible and we also understand civilization develop differently because of their history,culture and economic development. What works for one society may not work for another 

11 we call for an economic system that combines the best accepts of capitalism and communism examples are mutualism,national syndicalism,state capitalism,market socialism and corporatism. All of these systems we give our full support too.

12 we want the creation of a new man that’s smarter, physically, and mentally better that isn’t being degenerate do to his self pleasure of the nihilistic materialistic mindset of the current neo liberal world

13 we call for a neo agrarian society because of a stretching thin of resources and pollution but unlike previous agrarian society we still support modernize farming and we still understood other non agrian industries still need to exist.

14 we call for the UN to be dissolved and for all international fiancee to stop



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