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My critique of classical fascism by cjxproxy

before I go into this I must emphasis I don’t hate anyone that believes in the idea of classical fascism I just have some problems with the ideology

Classical fascism as an ideology the original fascist ideology as developed in Italy. The ideology is associated with a series of three political parties led by Benito Mussolini. My biggest problem with classical fascism is that it only applied to the material conditions of Italy and not for example America. It puzzles me how so many Third positionists fall for this mindset as it creates barriers that we need to destroy in order to adapt fascism or some form of third position to America’s material conditions. Another thing I need to mention is the fact that classical fascism could never work in the present day due to new problems arising that Italian fascists never experienced. The biggest being over-secularization, the LGBT, liberal socialists, and new left marxists that don’t understand what socialism or Marxism is but use the vocabulary and imagery of said ideologies. We need to be able to create or at the very least adapt a form of third position to fit the answers to these new problems that have arisen in the current age.


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