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What is pan third positionism by professor

What is the third position?

Before I can answer the question on what is pan third positionism I need to answer the question what is the third position? The third position is a group of ideologies that are socially right wing i.e. nationalist and social conservative and economically left wing i.e. nationalization, workers rights, trade unions, and state oversight etc. Some favor class struggle like Strasserism, Fascist Syndicalism, and National Bolshevism while others favor class collaboration like Classical Fascism and British Fascism. There’s a lot of diversity in the third position when it comes to ideas some base there ideology around religion like Brazilian Integralism while others base theirs around the state like Classical Fascism.

What is pan third positionism

Pan Third Positionism is based around the idea of authentic Nationalist conservatism and authentic socialism. What I mean by authentic Nationalist conservatism is that every country has it own way of identifying itself for example Germany identity based around the German European ethnicities along with the German language protestant Christianity along with others. While Nicaragua identity is based around the culture and identities of Spain, Native Americans and Africans . What I mean by Authentic Socialism is that every country has its own economic conditions some need to industrialize while some need to deindustrialize. While others will be better decentralized and while others will be better centralized or somewhere in between. Pan Third Positionism also advocates for making alliances not only with other Third Positionist but with Left wing Nationalist and Neo Reactionaries along with others to combat globalization, liberalism, and international capitalism.

Pan Third Positionism also advocates for vanguard party which means that the most socially, economically, and intellectually conscious of the third position should form a consul to lead the party. The final main point is cultural revolution. When I mean cultural revolution I do not mean Mao’s cultural revolution. Rather a radical anti liberal change in the culture were liberal and progressive vaules like materialism, free love, individualism, and egalitarianism are thrown away for more conservative vaules and Nationalistic ones.

These ideas will be expanded upon in later posts


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