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Those who criticize intellectualism by professor

Many times I hear people criticize groups of dissident people for being more about theory than action. I especially see this in the American third position circles especially when criticizing the American Blackshirts. Now while I do have my problems with the group and as I’m not a fascist I find this criticism to be very poorly thought out and a good example to use against this criticism.

We have to understand that this is a first time in a half a century that a real classical fascist movement has come in existence here in America and we also have to remember that the third position is very small and fictionalized. We also have to understand that classical fascism has not been updated in over 70 years and we are not in Italy and things have changed drastically so they need to come up with new ideas on how to solve cultural and economic issues. For that they need political theory and that’s what they are doing. Also People like Marx’s, Locke, and other small moments didn’t start out with rallies and running for office no these groups started out in small circles were they wrote books and slowly tried to enter into places of power. Marx’s ideas were not enacted till 1917 over 30 to 40 years after he died and same with Locke with the American and French Revolutions’. If a dissident movement wants to go anywhere it needs to truly understand the problem of the modern world and how to fix them. That’s why we need more theory right now than action.


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