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The end of liberalism by professor

It is no surprise to many of us dissidents that the old form of liberalism is dying. Freedom of speech is being suppressed by governments, corporations, and so called anti racist groups throughout the western world. Many people have lost their jobs, bank accounts, and in some countries some have been arrested like Tommy Robinson for example. There is also the possibility of becoming a social outcast for criticizing certain groups and policy like immigration, LGBT, Zionists, and many more.

Many of us have speculated on what will happen if we continue on this route. I’m pretty sure most people would agree that most western countries will continue to import cheap third world labor, and to finish off the rest of the anti liberal countries like Russia, Syria, and Iran. Once that is done they will continue degrading people making them dumber from generation to generation and continue to make the people weak by convincing people that instant pleasure, such as consumerism, porn, degenerate sexual behaviors like LGBT and polygamy . Along with ghetto culture, drugs, alcoholism, and liberal culture in general and to eventually have the people be apolitical sheep that work for poor wages, arguably genderless, consumeristic drones who do what ever to have enough money to go to see the next remake of the Avengers or Harley Quinn movies.

To a large degree this has already happened the liberals have established complete cultural hegemony in all institutions education, Hollywood, social media, etc but it’s not over there are many dissidents throughout the world that are actively opposing liberalism and capitalism. Weather they be, Third Positionist, Marxist, Palo Conservatives, Anarchist, Traditionalist, Duginist, etc. The main problem is that many of these movements have been hijacked in the western world, especially in the United States. Many so called Marxists and Anarchists here have been hijacked by the establishment. In the US most of these people care more for the LGBTQ and Open Borders and not for actual working class issues like living conditions, wages, class struggle, etc. Third Positionists here are fictionalized between more moderate and more radical factions along with many so called Third Positionist who are just White Nationalist with third position symbolism or caring too much about race causing them to lose comrades in non white and white communities. While many reactionaries continue to support the corrupt system of capitalism not understanding that the corporations will never be on their side and they don’t know how to solve the economic problem besides splitting corporations up instead of solving the problem permanently or they want to go back to feudalism which has been outdated for a good while now. You can make the same argument for Palo conservatives and Hoppeans as well. What we need to do is collaborate with anti liberal, anti capitalist, socially conservative, and Nationalist groups. We also need to start understanding geopolitics, cultural hegemony, and economic models for the 21st century. We also need to try to find ways to go around the system such as creating communes, cooperatives, etc. to practice our economic ideals and cultural values. Along with not following into the same traps our predecessor did.


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