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Liberal technocratic feudalism by the professor

I know I talked about this in a previous article but I thought I would expand on it a bit and go into detail on what I think liberalism and capitalism are turning into culturally, economically and what its meaning for the country, the world, and what needs to be done.

                       Economic Situation 

The capitalist class is becoming a lot more different from the capitalist class of the 20th century. The big factory owners or the rich landlords aren’t the only people part of the ruling class. There’s a new elite that is rising in the liberal world called the technocrats. Since the rise of the internet a new market like no other has risen out of it. Things such as online shopping, social media, and PC gaming has made people not only into millionaires but also billionaires people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos just to name a few. While the GDP has expanded and the internet has created many wonderful things however the average American life hasn’t gone up wages are stagnant, housing prices keep going up and people losing their jobs to automation and immigration from foreigners which many of these technocrats have promoted like Jeff Bezos funding open border campaigns. With all this the middle class keeps shrinking and shrinking. The small businesses are also disappearing as well with corporations buying them out or being put out business by these corporations. Power has been becoming more and more centralized into a corporate sphere with them having a monopoly on production and culture. They also have a major influence in the government with their lobbying powers. buying out politicians to serve their own interests like deregulation, more cheap labor ,and lobbying for war. As this power keeps centralizing the people lose more power to these corporations as there dependence grow on them for jobs. This is only natural due to the fact that power always centralizes but this power structure doesn’t benefit the nation it only hurts it with causing people to become more poor along with many cultural effects which I will talk about in the next part. 

                 Culture and The New Church 

With these corporations gaining more power and they become more like feudal landlords by the year. They have started to construct a new religion for the people to replace the old ways. Some have called it The Cathedral others have called it the church of woke. Whatever you call it has been helping them to keep their power to root out dissidences. With Social media and progressive academics playing a bigger part in people morals beliefs than religion has in the last several decades. They have been able to construct religion to keep the people under their control. Unlike traditional religion where it teaches the people good work ethic, strong families, building communities based upon family, faith, identity, and trust. What the church of woke and its preachers in academia, Hollywood and the media promote self pleasure, capitalist materialism, hedonism, hyper individualism, and destruction of all cultural, ethnic, and religious identity across the world all in the name of diversity. They have already water down the Christian communities here in the west and their slowly doing it to the Muslims. Anyone who speaks out against it is considered bigoted, racist or sexist and risk being fired from there jobs, having there bank accounts closed, having there freedom of speech being suppressed or being outcastes from there communities. Not to mention they actively spy on people from their phones. There is also the rise of consumer culture which the opium of the masses. This has made the people weak and unaware of what’s going on in their country (or unwilling to do anything about it) It makes people more interested in the next marvel or dc movie than what’s going on in their actual community. It’s also a life without meaning going to school or work for 8 hours a day to only go watch Netflix, get on social media, or jerk off to porn until you fall asleep.  


The end result of liberalism is not only the destruction of all cultures, peoples, and anti liberal ideologies but also trying to reach the end of history like what neo liberal thinker Francis Fukuyama wants but there’s already cracks in the system many anti liberal countries still exist and are resisting liberalism and in liberal countries people have become depressed, live in poverty and are more displaced with the system then ever before. There are two real questions here. Will the people finally have enough and want change? if that’s what they want and they succeed then what comes after?


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