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The Third Position Mindset by the professor

There is a problem in the Third Position. Throw out my 2 years of being a third positionist. I have noticed many self proclaimed third positionists who still have boomer conservative talking points about socialism and third positionist who still hold onto many socially progressive ideas from their liberal/left wing days. These people do not have a third position mindset and that’s what I will be going over on what is a third position mindset, how it’s different from a capitalist and communist mindset, and I’ll be making a second article on what is a pan third position mindset.

What is the Third position mindset?

The third position mindset is a revolutionary and intellectual mindset. It’s a revolutionary mindset in the sense that it’s constantly seeking self improvement whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, or intellectual improvement along with wanting self improvement for their people whether it be their nation, religion, cultural or ethnic group. The third position is a inherently collectivist mindset that is looking for the betterment of society with that being said that doesn’t mean that we can’t be decentralized in economics. For there to be a third position society third positionists must have an internal revolution inside themselves.

The third position is also a intellectual mindset that seeks to break the false dichotomy of left vs right. The third position seeks to go beyond capitalism and communism and create something entirely new. A third positionist shouldn’t be scared of what other ideologies have to say; they should take the best aspects of all ideologies. Third positionists should create an analysis of the current neo liberal system understanding of how it works. The last important aspect of this is a third positionist must read other ideologies literature even if it is opposed to our ideal world a third positionist must become a scholar of all fields in the political science, economics, philosophy, etc and he or she must be willing to take a controversial stand against the modern liberal society. For the third position to succeed, third positionists must tear down every false dichotomy and lie that the neo liberal system propped up to keep the people in line. Then we rebuild a new way of thinking about life and politics. A system based on meritocracy,nationalism, conservatism, socialism and identity. Then we will truly have a new Rome or Plato republic.


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