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The Lasch Pill

In a pervious article I wrote called The Capitol Situation, I predicted that the American Right would start becoming more anti- free market capitalism and start to take more regulated takes on capitalism or hopeful eventually a more radical anti-capitalist take due to how modern capitalism pushes for open borders, outsourcing, a more hyper sexualize culture, Legalization of drugs, censoring of alterative media, lobbying the government, supporting foreign wars and radical social movements. Along with using cutthroat business tactics to out compete small businesses. In other words, things that Social Conservatives and normal people see as destructive to not only to themselves but to society.

Before my article came out there was already a small yet growing number of those on the American Right that were starting to take a more anti free market position such as Tucker Carlson. After January 6th many more right-wing commentators started picking it up such as Lauren Southern and John Doyle. Yet I find many on the right to still be pro capitalist who tend to blame the problems of the world on “Cultural Marxism ” when it comes to mainstream conservatives or X racial group when it comes to more radical elements of the right. I also find many of these critiques of capitalism to be mostly moderate and vague. Along with them not mentioning were they got these ideas from except for Lauren Southern who said she got it from the Red Tories.

I think many in the modern right especially the mainstream right would find it hard to believe that there is a anti-capitalist right wing or conservative form of socialism. Some examples of groups and Ideologies that are like this and not limited to are Distributism, Sothern Agrarians, Red Tories, Prussian Socialism, the German Conservative Revolution, Third Position, French New Right, 4th Political theory, and One Nation Conservatism. Even amongst some in the Marxist and Communist camps outside the western world tend to have very strong social conservative bents to them. Even more so than the modern conservative parties of the west. Some examples are the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Chinese New Left, Sandinista, and the Party of Socialist of the Republic of Moldova.

However, while all these groups have some vailed criticism of capitalism and some interesting ideas. Many Americans tend to see them as negative or outdated. Weather it be because they are too foreign to America’s conditions, being former enemies or elitist.

Fortunately, though there was an American thinker who was Socially Conservative, Anti-Capitalist and Populist. His name was Christopher Lasch. Lasch was originally apart of the American New Left but by the 1970s he became disillusioned with the left due to the left moving away from the working class and social conservative positions that they originally held. He did not join the American Right seeing the combination of capitalism and conservatism as contractionary. Lasch would go on to write many books and articles such as the Culture of Narcissism, The True and only Heaven, The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy and Conservatism against itself. Lasch books contained critiques of consumer, capitalism, hyper individualism, feminism, Big Business, and Big Government, along with connecting them all together.  He also advocated for the family, populism, religion, and a semi communitarian system that is based around the family, community, and moral values rather than economics or individual rights.

           Why Lasch?

The Reason why I see Lasch as a good start to an American form of Conservative Socialism is because of his critiques that he made then are still relevant now, his synthesis politic and him being very respected amongst both many parts of the left and right. Not to mention his ideas give a more intellectual take on conservative anti capitalism. There also the fact that his ideas can be a gate away to other forms of conservative socialism that can help us form are very own form.  The last reason why I see Lasch as very important is because his populist, family and community orientation seeing how these things are very important for society to function and seeing how the modern system screws the people over along with destroying these things.

                The Lasch Pill

Despite some respect from both the Left and Right. Lasch himself has largely been forgotten even though his book Culture of Narcissism was a best seller, and his critiques are largely still relevant to this today. It is clear however that both the modern left and right have failed to solve the modern problems of society and have made them worse. It’s time to take the Lasch Pill? what is the Lasch Pill? The Lasch Pill is being aware of the problems of consumer culture, the modern left and right, progressivism and modern conservatism, along with seeing the value of community, family and trying to advance these ideas in your own life.

How do we spread the Lasch Pill? There are a few ways one can do this. One is by spreading the works and ideas of Christopher Lasch. Recommend or send his books, articles or discussing his ideas with others.  Two is to live out the ideas of Lasch and setting an example to others. Three but this also goes into two is helping people in your family and community to eventually make strong connected communities. I am going to link some resources by Lasch Along with some resources on Lasch. I want everyone to help to spread these works and if one can help develop and improve these ideas further. 


                       Conservatism Against Itself by Christopher Lasch | Articles | First Things

     Christopher Lasch: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

                                        Christopher Lasch on Progress 1/2 – Bing video

                                         Christopher Lasch on Progress 2/2 – Bing video

                                                The Culture of Narcissism – YouTube

                                 Christopher Lasch – YouTube

                             Lasch Christopher The Revolt of the Elites Audiobook – YouTube

                                The Work of Christopher Lasch with Eric Miller – YouTube



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