Family Rights and The State

I often hear in many circles that the concept of rights especially individual and human rights is a joke. Some criticize human rights for its universalism. Other criticize individual rights for its lack of moral responsibility to the community and society by putting the individual and his own desires above the rest of the community even when its harmful to him and others. Some also criticize liberal rights for making society revolve around the individual which cause there to be no collective sense of good. Then there are those who criticize human rights and its followers for its hypocrisy. Claiming that human rights are nothing more than a justification for the capitalist ruling class. Along with using human rights as tool to open new markets and to attack countries who do not wish to follow the liberal order. The liberals use human rights to justify invading or funding color revolutions in those countries they see as enemies while ignoring their own or their allies’ violations of human and individual rights.  For example, the American government did airstrikes and funded color revolutions in Syria and Libya. Which violates those 2 counties rights to self-determination. With many of these rebel groups that America and its allies backed being Islamic fundamentalists who could careless about individual or human rights.

With all this being said many not only just dismiss the liberal notions of rights but the entire concept of rights. While I agree with the sentiment of dismissing the liberal idea of rights but dismissing the whole notion of rights, I find to be a wrong move. Even some of the biggest critics of human rights like Alain De Benoist still believes we still need rights just not the liberal variety of rights. At the end of Benoist book Beyond Human Rights. Benoist advocates for the communitarian form of rights. In other words, rights based on a common view of the social good and the good life. Along with rights being around moral action, duty and virtue. While its arguable that Benoist is vague on this. however, He pushes the concepts of rights in the right direction for a society based around community and a common view of the social good. We also must remember that as Americans that rights are an important part of American society and culture. If the new system rejects the concept of rights, then its will be overthrown by the American people.

We must also not forget that the state is based around an idea on how to govern and rights based around the common good can be the way to bring about the ideal society.  Now that we got that out of the way we need to ask ourselves what is the common good and how to transform that into rights?

     What is The Common Good?

The common good in its most basic definition is something that is shared by or is beneficial to most of the society. While this is vague, and many people debate on what is the common good? The common good in my opinion is the preservation of the building blocks of society like the family. For society to functions this building block must be preserved. What started society was families banding together and forming a tribe that slowly evolved into a settlement, then a city and eventually a nation state.

When the family decay society decays with it. One only must look at the current state of America when it comes to these things with the many broken families and a fractured communities in this country.  The family helps provide community, a sense of belonging, identity, and discipline. While the family has changed and evolved over the years, but the importance of the family has not become any less important. Now the family is more important then ever.

           Family Rights

What are family rights? Family rights are the rights that protect the family by making it a duty of the government to protect and maintain the family by maintaining things such as the family wage, incentives to have children and creating a culture where it desirable for one to have a family. Unlike liberal individual rights which is based around the individual and more freedom to do whatever they want. Family rights are based around the family and creating the economic and cultural conditions for one to have a family.

The problem with modern society is that it creates the exact opposite conditions that goes against the family. By making it economically difficult to have a family due to how expensive everything is and inflation. Then on a cultural level, society encourages everyone to work which causes prices to go up. Back then though only one of the parents would have to work and the other usually the female would stay at home. Then there the fact we have a very hypersexualized culture were there almost no morals bond on what is right or wrong. Which has made divorce rates to go up, single parent households to go up, more tensions between the sexes and of course made it more difficult for the traditional family to exist. Family rights is the solution to this by making it a duty of the state to help create the conditions for the family to thrive. In this sense rights are a tool to uphold and maintain the basic building blocks of society. Now the state will not micro mange everyone, but the state will do its best to help create the right condition and help influence people to go in the right direction.


I know some people are going to rightfully say this is vague and needs a little more expansion upon this concept. Which I agree and hope to expand upon in the future. However, one of my main goals with this article is to start a conversation in the dissident sphere on how rights can be used to protect the building blocks of society like the family instead of having rights being based around individualism. I also hope see people expand upon this concept in better ways than I could or if there is already a thinker or group of thinkers who have discussed this subject then maybe we can all learn something by them and expand upon these ideas.

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