What is Conservative Socialism?

In this article I’ll be discussing what I mean by Conservative Socialism. I will not talk about older movements that could be called Conservative Socialist but rather my own definition and form of Conservatism and Socialism. This is going to be a basic introduction to what I have talked about in previous articles. I’ll break this article into 2 sections, one on Conservatism and the other on Socialism. Before we begin this topic, I would like to say that this may be my last blog post/ article for this year. The reason being that I have been taking a break from the internet in general due to me wanting to spend less time on it and instead trying to do more stuff with family and friends. When it comes to the blog post schedule it will mostly stay the same however, the critique on Futurism blog post will come out sometime in mid to late 2022. The reason for this change is that I feel that I need more time to write it and that the critique is slowing me down my other writings. With that said I’m also scrapping the problem of technology blog and moving back the Reconsidering article on Leo Strauss. I’m doing this because I need to do more research on Strauss and a lack of interest on the critique of technology. Perhaps I’ll do the article on technology on a later date but don’t count on it. On one final note I will have a major announcement on New Years on the future of the blog and were I want to take it. With that out of the way let’s begin on what is Conservative Socialism.


              I’ll begin with what I do not mean by Conservatism. I do not mean a return to a previous era or support for the modern system. What I mean by Conservatism is that there are certain truths that are fundamental in regard to building and maintaining a society. What are these truths? The family, identity, religion/ moral order, and order. These ideals are the basic foundations of forming a community and society. In the liberal capitalist world these concepts of order have been severely weakened due to the Managerial Capitalist class pursuit of profit over everything else. Outsourcing, mass immigration, automation, corporate monopolies, and a consumer culture that promotes one’s individual desire above all else has destroyed the basic foundations that holds society together all in the guise of “progress”. The capitalist pursuit of wealth and power has not only destroyed the moral order but also order in general via corporate backed riots that have led to mass crime and death, along with creating such a class divide between the rich and poor which makes class conflict inevitable.

              The Conservative Socialist understands the importance of family, religion, and identity in uniting a people in a common moral view and organization that helps to raise children and build community. Therefore, the Conservative Socialist advocates for the protection and preservation of the family and national identity on an economic and cultural level to preserve social cohesion. The Conservative Socialist also understands the importance of standards and duties for without these things everyone would be out for themselves and there would be no social cohesion in society as is the case today. The Conservative Socialist also believes that while a strong state is what is needed to not only help bring about this change but also to preserve order, civic institutions like churches and unions for example are also needed for such preservation.


              Since Capitalism is an inherently individualistic and destructive system based on one’s pursuit of wealth above all else, it’s very clear that an alternative is needed, and that alternative is Socialism. When I say Socialism, I do not mean Marxism or egalitarianism or a classless society. What I mean by Socialism is an economy based around the collective interest of the nation. Like stated earlier the family and national identity is something that the economy is based around to preserve. International corporations can play no part in this economy due to their internationalism and destructive behavior. These corporations that are a part of the oil industry, big pharma, chemical plants, news media, social media and factories should all be nationalized. So that

              1. These jobs will not be outsourced.

              2 Private rich individuals won’t be able to lobby and control the state for their own purposes.

              3 And finally that these jobs will stay in the US which will help preserve local communities.

              These nationalized industries will also allow workers to elect mangers who have been in their field for x many years, so that workers have more of say in their workplace (with of course some over site, rules, and regulations) on who can run, what they can do as manager and how long they can be manager.

              When it comes to the remaining industries like monopiles like Walmart, corporate owned farms, big landlords, fast food chains and some factories they should be broken up and the land should be disrupted as much as possible to local communities. This will not only stop private interest from doing what was stated in point 2 above but also allow people to be more self-reliant, and have the opportunity to be innovative having all the eggs in the basket of nationalization. These small industries can be small businesses or cooperatives but will operate very similar due to their size. Additionally, the number of people working in their workplace will know each other more due to there being less people which will in turn allow said people to have more of a say in how things are done. It should also be noted that many small businesses are run by families that not only allows for what I stated above but also allows the family to stay in same community together. The economy should also be as autarkic as humanly possible so that are people have as many jobs as possible but also not have to rely on other countries for goods and supplies.


I hope this gives everyone a more basic idea of what I believe. For those who want to read more about my ideas, I encourage you to read In Defense of Nationalization and The Small Business, Family Rights and The State, The Nation as an Organism and the Homeless Crisis, The Lasch Pill and The Conservative Case for Class Conflict. This is not only where they go more in depth with my ideas but also where I am provided sources and inspirations for said ideas. I would also encourage you to read my book review on Christopher Lasch book on The True and Only Heaven and my article on Georges Sorel. These two have been a major inspiration on me and many of my articles have been influenced by them. You can find all these articles on this blog.

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