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The Economy for the Family

A little over two months ago as of writing this Roe V Wade was officially overturned by the supreme court which now gave the states the decision on what their policy will be on abortion with many states putting many restrictions on the practice. This led to mass celebrations from Social Conservatives of all types, Republicans, and Pro-Life liberals. However, this celebration is premature as there is a lot more work that needs to be done. There are still states like New York and California who have horrific abortion laws that last all the way up to 24 weeks and in New York no one will be held criminally liable if performed after 24 weeks. Then there the fact that it has become both increasingly more difficult both on a social and economic level to form strong family ties and to raise children. What conservatives next move should be is fixing these economic and social difficulties in their communities as much as possible. Dr. Lauren Johnson was correct in saying that we should address the issues on why women got abortions or held off on having a family instead of seeing Roe V Wade as the only issue.  This article will address the problem and try to work towards a long-lasting solution. This will also be an article that expands on my conception of Family Rights which was released last year around this time on the blog to give more in depth explanation and revise some issues.

What Should the Family Economy and Law be?

Let’s start with what the economy should not be. The economy should not be an economy that puts profit above family and community like it is today. The capitalist economy does everything it can to degrade community and family from the outsourcing of jobs to monopolization of industries at the expense of small family businesses and to constant flow of cheap labor from foreign countries at the expense of native workers if the capitalist do not automate the factory. Cutthroat prices for housing, and the encouragement from the consumer economy of today to put more value on consumer products than work and family. Along with promoting a culture of hyper individualism, and hyper sexualization at the expense of responsibilities that led to lasting relations. The Covid 19 pandemic and Russian Ukraine war made many of these issues worse especially when it comes to wealth consolidation in the hands of corporations. Even with some corporations such as Black Rock buying up the housing market.   

All this creates a society where people are reliant on both corporate and government bureaucracies for work and other basic needs. A society where people must move around to different cities and states to keep up with work which makes it more difficult to form long lasting family and community ties. A society where things like housing are so expensive and people have to put off getting married and having kids so they can have enough money. A society where the individual career is seen as more important than everything else. In other words, it creates a society that puts profit above everything else and at the expense of everything else even when they are the basic building blocks of society.

There was a time when family and economy were connected and did not hinder the family. This was in the 18th, 19th century and even further back when the family farm and shop was the most prominent economic model of society. The family working would allow the family to bond and allow parents to pass down their knowledge, morals, and skills onto their children. Sometimes neighboring or on the same family farm would also have other members of family working and living on it. Making sure everyone had a place to live, and enough food on the table. The family and the local church as well played a strong role establishing moral discipline on children. This all started to change with the Industrial revolution happen which started the process of centralization of economic power in the modern era gobbling up small family farms and businesses through withholding loans and other cutthroat business tactics.

 Now of course small family businesses still exist but are less prevalent and hold far less power than the modern corporation which is international in many cases while the small family business is local. We can also not go back to the 18th or 19th centuries, or we would be repeating the process all over again and would be throwing away the positives of industrialism like cars, better medicines, planes and much more. However, what we should strive for is the return to a national and to a local economy an economy owned by the producers not by the speculators or by multinational corporations. Where families are not at the mercy of corporations, were families and local communities have more control over the economy and not the corporations. Where people are not reliant on corporations for services but their family, neighbors, church, and local community. In Patrick Deneen book “Why Liberalism Failed” Deneen wrote on how some of this could start to be implemented now through household economics or in other words growing and making necessities and products at home instead of buying from corporations or if a family needs buy necessities buy from other households or small family businesses. This of course creates local self-efficiency and helps to foster community and strengthen it as Deneen points out. Making the interactions a lot more personal due to them being neighbors, friends, and family.

This is the first step of many that needs to be taken establish the family economy. When there comes a time when the liberal state is overtaken by the producers then the next phase can begin. The economy can then begin to be officially reorganized in a more national/local and family orientated way. This will be done in several ways, One the breakup of all major corporations that can be localized in production in other words small businesses and coopts will take over on local levels which will give families more control over the means of productions. Two if the corporation cannot be localized, due to product such as oil needing to be abstracted by large scale organization or is vital enough to be in the states hands then it should be nationalized. If the corporation cannot be localized, then it should be nationalized. This will allow the economy to be more nationally orientated not having these industries be outsourced or having to compete with foreigners or machines.

If the economic system is to be based around preserving the family, then it is clear that law in general should base around preserving the family and that laws should be measured on how they’re going to affect the family and procreation in the long term. In other words, laws that would undermine the family, parental authority, and procreation such as extremely lacks abortion and divorce laws would not be passed (not an outright banned on divorce or abortion either mind you) but laws that would help families thrive such as tax cuts for having children, free healthcare, state funded pregnancy centers and economic model that was mentioned above would be passed if it seen as beneficial in the long term for the family. This is what I call family rights. Family rights in short are rights that guarantee the family stability, and right to exist. Unlike modern liberal rights which puts the individual above everything else even at the coast of everything else, family rights put the family as one of the keys parts to having a functional society due to the family role of procreation, socialization of children and helping build local community.

Family rights and other ideas of collective or communitarian rights should replace individual rights as the highest form of rights because family rights understand the importance of duty and responsibility to one family, community, church, and nations while modern individual rights completely lack this understanding.  Of course, this all just some rough draft of an idea and more is needed to be expanded upon, but I hope this does lay out the idea of family rights a bit better now.

Inspirations for this post

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Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen

Haven in a Heartless World The Family Besieged by Christopher Lasch

  Why Overturning Roe is Not a Victory – YouTube


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