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A New Evil and Opportunity in Canada

I am sure everyone has heard by now about Canada horrific new euthanasia laws that will go into effect in the coming months. If you haven’t you can read about it here:

Already there has been stories of Canadian hospitals already trying to convince their patience of killing themselves or as the liberal bureaucrats in Canada like to call it “medical assistance in dying.” Many of the patience that are being ask if they want to take their own lives are the poor, the elderly, veterans suffering from PTSD and now even minors suffering from depression . All of this being justified by the liberals in Canada as being the most “humane” and less expensive way of dealing with these vulnerable  people.

 Even if these people agree to have their own lives taken its show not only how the economic system is failing the poor and the most vulnerable in Canadian society but also how morally bankrupt the liberal system is. Not only because euthanasia is the way the Liberal Canadian systems deals with the sick instead of treating them to the end but show how little they care for the people who have served their country or the next generation that suppose to lead the country eventually. And the fact that some of these people do not want to live and the Canadian government and Medical industry is willing to help them take their own lives shows how nihilistic liberal society has become. Further showing that the liberal belief of the individual will meaning one doing whatever one wants too is completely bankrupt and is slowly destroying society.

While the situation may look bleak for many of my Canadian comrades but there an opportunity here. The fact that Canadian society has become so nihilistic that it gives dissidents in Canada a chance to create meaning in Canadian society and help those who are the most vulnerable in society whether it be through charity, providing housing or other means. The dissidents in Canadian society especially the socially conservative ones can show that there is more to life than ones own individual desires such as community, nation, work, and God. If dissidents can provide meaning, community, and institutions to provide for the Canadian people in their time of need then it is only a matter of time before the liberal system in Canada falls. Because the liberal system can no longer provide anything grand. As G.K Chesterton once said

“People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists. It is no answer to say, with a distant optimism, that the scheme is only in the air. A blow from a hatchet can only be parried while it is in the air.”

In other words, it’s important that Canadians move quickly on this matter as soon as possible. Providing meaning and building institutions is the only way to destroy this evil.


The Collapse of Consent in Canada by Declan Leary

Eugenics and Other Evils by G.K Chesterton

Canada expanding assisted suicide law to include the mentally ill, possibly enable ‘mature minors by Ashley Carnahan


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