The Material and Metaphysical Aspects of Nationalism by Cjxproxy

Over the course of the last several months I’ve been seeing discussions over if nationalism is a material or metaphysical subject. Me personally I feel that there are aspects to it that are both material and metaphysical. To start out with I want to go over the material aspects of nationalism. To start off IContinue reading “The Material and Metaphysical Aspects of Nationalism by Cjxproxy”

Trump, Biden, Election, and Accleration by the professor

     For the last several years, political tensions have been rising in the United States, and this year has been the most explosive year of it yet. Rioting and killing of political opponents has been a normal occurrence the past few months. The establishment seems to be at war with itself, with many corporations, politicians andContinue reading “Trump, Biden, Election, and Accleration by the professor”

Applying ancient law to modern times by Pandemik

     Something that every person in any non-liberal political worldview will admit freely to is the absolute depravity and utter ineffectiveness of our current judicial system in the West. Millions of people are thrown into prisons each year, crime rates are still incredibly high (and still climbing in the United Kingdom!), and we have recently hadContinue reading “Applying ancient law to modern times by Pandemik”

The Dissolution of The American Identity by Cjxproxy

Recently I have noticed a prevailing issue in the last several months. That is the disillusion of the American identity. I started to take note of this when I noticed the black separatists in BLM, cascadian nationalists, Texas nationalists, etc. I want to discuss why this is occurring and how this might be useful forContinue reading “The Dissolution of The American Identity by Cjxproxy”

Fascism – borderless and red by Aleksandr Dugin

              Orginal Russian edition     Translated from Russian by Andreas Umland] There are, in the 20th century, only three ideologies that have managed to demonstrate that their principles are realistic in terms of their political-administrative implementation – these are liberalism, communism and fascism. As much as one may like to – it is impossible toContinue reading “Fascism – borderless and red by Aleksandr Dugin”

Class Collaboration and Class Struggle in the Right Context by The professor

Throughout the Third Position and the dissident sphere the concept of class collaboration and class struggle are discussed. Some are for class struggle while others oppose it but instead of choosing one or the other I believe there both right it just depends on the country, civilization and, how the bourgeoisie views liberalism. We willContinue reading “Class Collaboration and Class Struggle in the Right Context by The professor”

Arguments for Firearms ownership from a collectivist (Hegelian) perspective by The Fascist Tzar

    Most arguments for ownership of guns are done through a liberal anglo individualists lens.  This paper here is to make an defence for ownership of guns from a collectivistic, lens point. At the top of this paper the title states a Hegelian standpoint and in particular right wing version, for the simple reason thatContinue reading “Arguments for Firearms ownership from a collectivist (Hegelian) perspective by The Fascist Tzar”

Benito Mussolini on the importance of socialization

Workers who were previously very skeptical, eventually realized the importance of socialization. Its practical implementation is under way. Under other circumstances, these activities would be implemented at a faster pace. But the beginning is made, and whatever happens, it is doomed to continue. It is a principle stemming from an idea that I described aboutContinue reading “Benito Mussolini on the importance of socialization”

Classes in fascism: an excerpt from Ettore Rosboch’s The Fascist concept of Economics

In a holistic view of the economic system, the community of citizens seems to be made up of four main classes: producers, intermediaries, consumers and depositors, each performing its function but often consisting of the same individuals belonging to more than one class at a time: each depositor, producer or intermediary is also a consumerContinue reading “Classes in fascism: an excerpt from Ettore Rosboch’s The Fascist concept of Economics”

Benito Mussolini on Fascist Syndicalism

Dear friends! With great enthusiasm, I carry out the task entrusted to me by the leadership of the National Party and the Milanese Fascist League, namely, I convey a cordial and brotherly greeting from all fascists to the “First National Assembly of syndical guilds”. All the words I have said today also represent my personalContinue reading “Benito Mussolini on Fascist Syndicalism”

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