The Greatness of Political Music

                A note to the reader This small article that I have written about political music is mainly focusing on the positive messaging, the problems of modern pop, and what dissident music in the modern music should try to convey. Note I am no musician or singer, I just simply understand the importance’s of musicContinue reading “The Greatness of Political Music”

 Nikolay Ustryalov on The End of the Russian Civil War

Russian Version can be found here A Note To The Reader This article comes from Ustryalov book called “Under the sign of the revolution,” a collection of Ustrayalov articles, published in 1927. This article here originally called Fractured was the first one in the book. an exact date of when it was written isContinue reading ” Nikolay Ustryalov on The End of the Russian Civil War”

My interview with a Russian National Bolshevik

A note to the reader When one of my contacts first found the writings of Nikolay Ustryalov, we put out an announcement on our Telegram channels asking for help on translating these texts. It just so happened that a Russian National Bolshevik found our channels and offered to help and answer any questions on RussianContinue reading “My interview with a Russian National Bolshevik”

N.V. Ustryalov letter to Pyotr.P. Suvchinsky (1926)

Russian version can be found here Dear P.P. (Unfortunately, I do not know your name and patronymic). Yesterday I received the books sent by you: “Milestones” (No. 1), “About the Church” by A.S. Khomyakov, “The Legacy of Genghis Khan” by I.R., “Fundamentals of Marxism” by S.L. Frank and “Manning the Red Army” … Thank youContinue reading “N.V. Ustryalov letter to Pyotr.P. Suvchinsky (1926)”

Bread and Faith By Nikolay V. Ustryalov

The orginal edition can be found here “Meal’n’Real!” shouted the Roman crowds. “Bread and faith!” at least at the cost of new types of slavery, – all the peoples of Europe will soon cry.  – Konstantin Leontiev   Not long ago, in 1930, the well-known Spanish author F. Cambo , while studying modern European dictatorships, came to the conclusionContinue reading “Bread and Faith By Nikolay V. Ustryalov”

Reconsidering Part 2 on Russell Kirk

                     Introduction It’s no surprise to most of my readers that the American mainstream right and to some degrees even the dissident right is intellectually bankrupt. Having no understanding of the intellectual history of the right. With many of these people believing that politicians, news commentators, and internet political celebrities are the true brains behindContinue reading “Reconsidering Part 2 on Russell Kirk”

The Bonnot Gang and Individual Freedom

I recently just finished Richard Parry’s book called the Bonnot Gang. The book is of course about the Bonnot gang which was a French anarchist group that robbed banks. The type of anarchism that the group believed in is called illegalism. An ideology that calls for direct action against the state and commenting crimes asContinue reading “The Bonnot Gang and Individual Freedom”

Culture War and Class Struggle Part 2 to the Conservative Case for Class Struggle

Despite capitalism march towards unlimited economic growth, at the coast and expense of everything else from community, nation state, religion, mass proprietorship, ethnoreligious identity etc. The capitalist class is not a homogenous group when it comes ideals and visons of what the world should be. In America for example the ruling class divides along predominatelyContinue reading “Culture War and Class Struggle Part 2 to the Conservative Case for Class Struggle”

Draft program of the party “The Other Russia E.V. Limonov”

Orginal Russian version can be found here Moscow, September 26, 2020 “That land is Russian, where they speak Russian. These territories must be reunited.” Eduard Limonov The party “The Other Russia of E.V. Limonov” intends to carry out transformations that are revolutionary in their scale. We are National Bolsheviks. Our goal is the RussianContinue reading “Draft program of the party “The Other Russia E.V. Limonov””

Beyond the Parliament and Beyond Terror

         A Letter to the ARF   The American Reformation Front is one of the few groups that I have hope for making a positive influence in their communities. I am honored by the fact your leader Evan Tobia who is a talented man, has allowed me to write this for the group. There areContinue reading “Beyond the Parliament and Beyond Terror”

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