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My Political Biography Chapter 3 Founding Fathers by Eduard Liminov

Russian edition Two friends of my revolutionary youth, each of them in his turn said to be a renegade and each a traitor to the National Bolshevik Party *, are projected by themselves on the fresh, calf-shit-colored cell wall of the Lefortovo prison. Both friends faded from the Eternity of History into life inContinue reading “My Political Biography Chapter 3 Founding Fathers by Eduard Liminov”

Lessons on the Internet and Politics

I have been following the political scene for almost 6 years now and it’s been quite a ride. I have met many people, been a part of many chats, group projects, and have written many articles. I have also run a telegram channel that has over 400 subscribers.  I have learned a lot over theContinue reading “Lessons on the Internet and Politics”

An Introductory Reading List for Conservative Socialist and Other Conservative Critics of Capitalism

At the end of my last article on conservative socialism titled “A Brief Overview and Principles of Conservative Socialism” I stated I would  create a reading list. I have decided to do an introductory reading list because I do not want to overwhelm people with books but rather have a selected number of articles andContinue reading “An Introductory Reading List for Conservative Socialist and Other Conservative Critics of Capitalism”

Why Blaming China Is Not Helpful

China has been in the news a lot lately, ranging from the weather/ spy balloon crisis to China spying on America through TikTok to Chinese companies’ role in fentanyl crisis to other Chinese company Hai Lian selling abortion pills to the US. Even the Covid lab leak theory that was once demonized by the mainstreamContinue reading “Why Blaming China Is Not Helpful”

South Texas Political Machines

In the late 19th to early 20th century, South Texas was still the wild west.  The region was still largely an agricultural economy with many small farmers to Mexican bandits conducting cross border raids into Texas and largely Anglo vigilantly groups who tried to stop them and killed anyone suspected of being a bandit.  TheContinue reading “South Texas Political Machines”

My Political Biography Chapter 2 by Eduard Limonov

The original Russian version can be found here; Date of my return to Russia: March 26, 1994. Prior to that, for five years – from December 1989, when the writer Yulian Semyonov made my first visit to the Motherland, and before arriving for permanent residence, I appeared in the Motherland periodically. With increasing frequency.Continue reading “My Political Biography Chapter 2 by Eduard Limonov”

A Brief Overview and Principles of Conservative Socialism

I was recently doing some long overdue editing to some of my older articles from late 2021 and one of those articles was “What is Conservative Socialism?”  In that article I gave my own personal definition of what I mean by Conservative Socialism. While I still agree largely with those basic ideas, I laid outContinue reading “A Brief Overview and Principles of Conservative Socialism”

  The History Of The Texas Brio Superfund Site

              A Note to the Reader I wrote this article back in November of last year and was going to publish this with my article on South Texas political machines. Due to recent events in East Palestine Ohio however, I have decided to publish this sooner to show that this is not the first timeContinue reading ”  The History Of The Texas Brio Superfund Site”

My Political Biography – Chapter 1 by Eduard Limonov

This was published on The Other Russia of E.V Limonov website in December of 2019, which can be found here in Russian Chapter 1 Due to the lack of operational communication between the publishing house and the author, who is in custody in the pre-trial detention center of the FSB of Russia, the bookContinue reading “My Political Biography – Chapter 1 by Eduard Limonov”