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The Union

                           For many years now unions as well as the working and middle classes has been in decline. Unions for the most part only have relevance in the rust belt. According to Pew research most Americans view unions favorably but very few belong to one and membership has been in decline for many years whichContinue reading “The Union”


Problem with Traditional Libertarianism

By Kasier Kyle     Something I think a lot of people fail to understand is that we live in a world of multiple different cultures and different morals within each culture that have shifting movements dependent on world politics, that being the domestic events, economy, and events that conflict with those of a body nation.Continue reading “Problem with Traditional Libertarianism”

Retard Proof introduction to stocks, real estate and investing by Sora

By Sora Okay, so you’re probably here from the insane gains that happened from Gamestop. I’m going to tell you right now that is very very not the norm (not there is a norm for the stock market). The price isn’t increasing because of buyers, but rather because of what is known as short sellingContinue reading “Retard Proof introduction to stocks, real estate and investing by Sora”

The Capitol Situation

                                        January 6, 2021 had to be one of the most fascinating days of American history and politics in a very long time. This was the first time in 200 years that the Capitol building was stormed. This has also been the first time in decades that the right wing has rioted against theContinue reading “The Capitol Situation”

Post 20th Century Part 3

The Third Position. and Fascism The Spirit That Died Young.    The Third Position was born in France in the early 20th century before World War 1 broke out.  It started out between a collaboration of Syndicalists and Marxists lead by Georges Sorel and French Action a Monarchist and Nationalist party lead by Charles Marrus.Continue reading “Post 20th Century Part 3”

Saadeh the Founder of the SSNP takes on Capitalism and Communism

I want to Say a big thank you to Karab for translating these quotes from Anton Saadeh the founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and one of main exponents of Pan Syrianism The political ideology of internationalistic communism and colonial international capitalism have similar goals: They both seek domination over third world and developingContinue reading “Saadeh the Founder of the SSNP takes on Capitalism and Communism”

The Difference in National Socialism and Fascism

Before this article begins I just wanna say a big thank you to A Third Positionist for making this wonderful article on this subject. Its has many references from numerous people like Giovanni Gentile, Bentio Mussolini, Joseph Goebbels ect that helps explain the difference between the two ideologies when it comes to race, economic, stateContinue reading “The Difference in National Socialism and Fascism”

Post 20th Century Part 2

Communism the Revolutionary Spirit That Grew Old. Communism and socialism started before the French Revolution but only started to become a mainstream dissident ideology until after the revolution. Socialism as well as communism has a lot more of a diverse history than what most people think. Prior to the 20th century socialism had a lotContinue reading “Post 20th Century Part 2”

Post 20th Century Part 1

                                                                                  In the 20th century we had 3 main political sphere that competed against liberalism and each other. The first was the reactionary ideologies such as monarchy and traditionalism. The second political sphere being communism which includes Marxism and Anarchism. The third political sphere being the Third Position or often called fascism whichContinue reading “Post 20th Century Part 1”