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The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future

For almost the last 80 years the United States has had a free trade and global economy. Meaning countries do trade with very little restrictions on their economies such as no tariffs and government subsides.  This has led to globalization, outsourcing of American jobs, dependence on foreign countries, less regulations and unions, suppression of wages,Continue reading “The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future”


The Conservative Case for Class Struggle Part 3: Rising Classes

It is becoming more and more clear now that End of History that Neo Liberal theorist Francis Fukuyama once envisioned where liberalism was the final evolution of government and society is not the end of history or evolution like Fukuyama predicted. With the rise of illiberal countries like Russia and China, slowly bringing us toContinue reading “The Conservative Case for Class Struggle Part 3: Rising Classes”

Culture War and Class Struggle Part 2 to the Conservative Case for Class Struggle

Despite capitalism march towards unlimited economic growth, at the coast and expense of everything else from community, nation state, religion, mass proprietorship, ethnoreligious identity etc. The capitalist class is not a homogenous group when it comes ideals and visons of what the world should be. In America for example the ruling class divides along predominatelyContinue reading “Culture War and Class Struggle Part 2 to the Conservative Case for Class Struggle”

What is Conservative Socialism?

In this article I’ll be discussing what I mean by Conservative Socialism. I will not talk about older movements that could be called Conservative Socialist but rather my own definition and form of Conservatism and Socialism. This is going to be a basic introduction to what I have talked about in previous articles. I’ll breakContinue reading “What is Conservative Socialism?”

The Conservative Case for Class Struggle

                                            I think anyone who calls themselves a conservative and is serious about it in America is finding it harder and harder to support capitalism. We see time and time again how modern global capitalism has eroded things like the family, community, the small business, traditional religion, identity, and the nation state. The modernContinue reading “The Conservative Case for Class Struggle”

Nationalist and Right-Wing Historical Materialism

Historical materialism one of the core foundations of Marxism and Communism. While Karl Marx never used the term historical materialism and in fact the term was coined after his death by his friend and cowriter Frederick Engels in his book Socialism, Utopia, and Scientific. Marx may have not coined the term, but he did comeContinue reading “Nationalist and Right-Wing Historical Materialism”

In Defense of the Small Business and Nationalization

                                                                     Introduction Most people on all sides of the political spectrum can agree that corporations have no loyalties to the people or the country they are in. We see time and time again on how corporations will leave a country when they know they can exploit another country workers because that country does notContinue reading “In Defense of the Small Business and Nationalization”

The Union

                           For many years now unions as well as the working and middle classes has been in decline. Unions for the most part only have relevance in the rust belt. According to Pew research most Americans view unions favorably but very few belong to one and membership has been in decline for many years whichContinue reading “The Union”