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A New Evil and Opportunity in Canada

I am sure everyone has heard by now about Canada horrific new euthanasia laws that will go into effect in the coming months. If you haven’t you can read about it here: Already there has been stories of Canadian hospitals already trying to convince their patience of killing themselves or as the liberal bureaucratsContinue reading “A New Evil and Opportunity in Canada”


The Economy for the Family

A little over two months ago as of writing this Roe V Wade was officially overturned by the supreme court which now gave the states the decision on what their policy will be on abortion with many states putting many restrictions on the practice. This led to mass celebrations from Social Conservatives of all types,Continue reading “The Economy for the Family”

 Family Rights and The State

I often hear in many circles that the concept of rights especially individual and human rights is a joke. Some criticize human rights for its universalism. Other criticize individual rights for its lack of moral responsibility to the community and society by putting the individual and his own desires above the rest of the communityContinue reading ” Family Rights and The State”