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The Geopolitical Revolution in the Middle East

There is a new revolution taking place in the Middle East. It is not one of violence but diplomacy. The revolution is not being led by the United States but by China and Russia to end the conflicts in the region. I am of course referring to China brokered deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran.Continue reading “The Geopolitical Revolution in the Middle East”

The War on Drugs is a Class War

What does the War on Terror and War on Drugs have in common? There is one major thing that the two wars have in common and that is the problem the US government is fighting is something they and their allies helped to create. The US and its allies during the Soviet Afghan war fundedContinue reading “The War on Drugs is a Class War”

Why Blaming China Is Not Helpful

China has been in the news a lot lately, ranging from the weather/ spy balloon crisis to China spying on America through TikTok to Chinese companies’ role in fentanyl crisis to other Chinese company Hai Lian selling abortion pills to the US. Even the Covid lab leak theory that was once demonized by the mainstreamContinue reading “Why Blaming China Is Not Helpful”

On the question of Russian imperialism By Nikolai Ustryalov 1916

The Russian Version can be found here (Journal of foreign policy and law “Problems of Great Russia”, No15, October 15 (28), 1916, pp.1-5.) Service to the motherland imposes on every thinking citizen the duty to find out the meaning of this service, to think over and justify its motives. “Great Russia” is the sloganContinue reading “On the question of Russian imperialism By Nikolai Ustryalov 1916”

The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future

For almost the last 80 years the United States has had a free trade and global economy. Meaning countries do trade with very little restrictions on their economies such as no tariffs and government subsides.  This has led to globalization, outsourcing of American jobs, dependence on foreign countries, less regulations and unions, suppression of wages,Continue reading “The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future”

The Conservative Case for Multipolarity

There has been a lot of talk from some countries about a multipolar world recently from Russian president Vladimir Putin to president of China Xi Jinping to Latin American leaders like Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. We also recently seen the decline of American Liberal global hegemony from the fall of Afghanistan to the Gulf StatesContinue reading “The Conservative Case for Multipolarity”

The Curious Case of Japan’s Post War Recovery by Ex Non Grata (guest writer)

Ex Non Grata YouTube and Telegram channels Unlike the eventual Democratic collapse that was seen in the Weimar Republic after the first world war, and the slow but steady process of democratic backsliding that was seen in the post-soviet republics, the defeat of Japan after the second world war yielded a much differentContinue reading “The Curious Case of Japan’s Post War Recovery by Ex Non Grata (guest writer)”