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The Problem with 1950s Nostalgia

It has often been said that the Right and social conservatives are very nostalgic for the past. This is especially true for the those who are apart of Generation Z who have nostalgia for the 1950s. In fact, some like Gen Z conservative political commentator John Doyle has adopted 1950s aesthetics into his YouTube videos.Continue reading “The Problem with 1950s Nostalgia”


A Brief History of The Pro Soviet Right Part 2; The Cold War to Present

After the end of the second world war in 1945, the remaining Italian Fascist, German National Socialist and their allies were in complete disarray. Most of the leadership, and top intellectuals either being dead, in prison, completely disillusioned with Fascism or National Socialism or retired from politics all together. Those who remained who still wereContinue reading “A Brief History of The Pro Soviet Right Part 2; The Cold War to Present”

Gustavo Morales – Castro: From Blue to Red (2016)

Originally founded here I met Fidel Castro — the Commander — in 1978. At the time, I was part of a Spanish delegation participating in the World Festival of Youth and Students in Cuba.  The Commander came over and greeted us, surprised to see half a dozen people wearing blue shirts. I raised my armContinue reading “Gustavo Morales – Castro: From Blue to Red (2016)”

The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future

For almost the last 80 years the United States has had a free trade and global economy. Meaning countries do trade with very little restrictions on their economies such as no tariffs and government subsides.  This has led to globalization, outsourcing of American jobs, dependence on foreign countries, less regulations and unions, suppression of wages,Continue reading “The American Protectionist Economy of The Past and The Protectionist Economy of The Future”

What Was The Original American Populism?

We often time see debates on who in American politics is the real populist some say Donald Trump and the conservatives’ others will say Bernie Sanders and his social democrats and there will also be those who say Marxism or Fascism are the true and real forms of populism. However, if we look at theContinue reading “What Was The Original American Populism?”

A Brief History of The Pro Soviet Right Part 1

The mainstream history of the right of the 20th century was that it was antagonistic to the Soviet Union and its allies. While this is true as many Right-Wing groups all over the world sided with enemies of the Soviet Union such as the White Russian Army, National Socialist Germany, and the United States justContinue reading “A Brief History of The Pro Soviet Right Part 1”

Reconsidering Part 2 on Russell Kirk

                     Introduction It’s no surprise to most of my readers that the American mainstream right and to some degrees even the dissident right is intellectually bankrupt. Having no understanding of the intellectual history of the right. With many of these people believing that politicians, news commentators, and internet political celebrities are the true brains behindContinue reading “Reconsidering Part 2 on Russell Kirk”

  Reconsidering Part 1 Walter Benjamin

                              Reconsidering Reconsidering is my new series that I will be doing on my blog. This series will be about thinkers who have been seen in a negative light by the dissident sphere or have been forgotten and finding valuable insights and ideas by these thinkers and therefore shedding a new light on these thinkers.Continue reading ”  Reconsidering Part 1 Walter Benjamin”

French Syndicalism: The Myth and Legacy of Georges Sorel

  Georges Sorel is probably one the most influential thinkers of the early 20th century. Now despite calling himself a Syndicalist and a Marxist, Sorel actually differs from Marxism in many ways not only in his rejection of the dictatorship of proletarian but also by having many anarchistic and even conservative elements to his writings.Continue reading “French Syndicalism: The Myth and Legacy of Georges Sorel”

The Life of Otto Strasser

                                                                                                                                                                                                 A Note to the Reader  When I was originally writing this, I was planning on having this be a comparison of Otto Strasser and Leon Trotsky but as I continued to write this, I started to realize that this was not the format on how I wanted this comparisonContinue reading “The Life of Otto Strasser”