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Liberalism, Utopia, and Death by the professor

For over 50 years we have seen the rise of consumerism throughout the United States with that we have seen the decline of traditional Christianity, traditionalism in general and the decline of traditional identity of the United States. We have seen more people born in single parents households, divorce has gone up, birth rates down,Continue reading “Liberalism, Utopia, and Death by the professor”

Misconceptions of Marxism by Serbian NatMaoist

There have been numerous of critiques of Marxism, from all sides, but today, we are going to discuss some misconceptions laid out by Third Positionists. I personally do not think those misconceptions are all of vile nature, as with all new things, people have a natural fear of something strange and unknown and that’s alright.Continue reading “Misconceptions of Marxism by Serbian NatMaoist”

Weimar Germany, America, Cultural Pessimism & The New Conservative RevolutionBy BaronVonDerDorf

As mankind found himself violently flung into the 20th century, he had held onto his chivalric and bourgeois sense of comforting progress, which came into the earthly realm once the black smoke from the towers of the Industrial Revolution began to distort across the wholesome blue skies. Ghastly, ruined workers violently hammering away at scoldingContinue reading “Weimar Germany, America, Cultural Pessimism & The New Conservative RevolutionBy BaronVonDerDorf”

The unity and division of Diplomacy By Craig V

1.Why the world is going to hell from a pan third positionist perspective Third positionism was an idea to reject the common ideas of economics like first position capitalism and second position socialism. Firstly the world is going to hell because of the exploitative nature of capitalism. Secondly modern socialism is also to blame asContinue reading “The unity and division of Diplomacy By Craig V”

George Floyd and Rayshard Brook: The New Prophets of Progressivism by The Professor

For the last 3 weeks as of writing this. We have seen major riots throughout the world over the deaths of two black criminals George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. The media has hidden the facts that these two criminals have assaulted people, sold drugs, and for the case of Rayshard Brooks attacked police officers withContinue reading “George Floyd and Rayshard Brook: The New Prophets of Progressivism by The Professor”

The Pan Third Position Idea by The Professor

Before I define what Pan Third Positionism is I need to define what the Third Position is. The Third Position is a collection of different ideologies that share the values of revolutionary nationalism, socialism, social conservatism, and the belief of transcending the boundaries of left and right. Some Examples of third position ideologies are fascism,Continue reading “The Pan Third Position Idea by The Professor”

Can America survive? by the professor

America is not a nation, it’s an empire. An empire that has large influence throughout the world and has many different racial, cultural, religious, and ideological groups that live inside its borders. Over the last few years America has been more divided along with it losing geo-political influence to Russia and China. This has onlyContinue reading “Can America survive? by the professor”

Sacred sexuality by LackJack

Abstract This is an article posted to the http://www.syndicalist All information in this article is based on my research and thus it is important that as you take it in, you do not reject new ideas. This article pushes to help it’s readers understand the modern decline of healthy sexual relationships and offer solutions,Continue reading “Sacred sexuality by LackJack”

A third position case for Émile durkheim’s consensus on modernity by Cjxproxy

When we look at society we can see how in the last 80 years society (mainly in western Europe and North America) has become decadent due to the rise of neoliberalism and it has caused so many negative effects on society. From the destruction of the nuclear family and cultural values for a dysfunctional familyContinue reading “A third position case for Émile durkheim’s consensus on modernity by Cjxproxy”

Liberal technocratic feudalism part 2:coronavirus edition

The last time I talked about this subject I thought it would be the last time I would talk about it for at least 6 months but since the coronavirus has happened which has caused lock downs all across the world and seeing how some of my predictions are accelerating along with the system showingContinue reading “Liberal technocratic feudalism part 2:coronavirus edition”