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The Third Position Mindset by the professor

There is a problem in the Third Position. Throw out my 2 years of being a third positionist. I have noticed many self proclaimed third positionists who still have boomer conservative talking points about socialism and third positionist who still hold onto many socially progressive ideas from their liberal/left wing days. These people do notContinue reading “The Third Position Mindset by the professor”


Marxism and the third position part 1:the state by controversial thinker

Disclaimer: Everything I say in this article is still up for debate in Marxist circles so don’t expect marxists you know to agree with you if you start saying the points made in this article. This is a very controversial topic and marxists all have their vision what of Socialism, Marxism, and/or communism is andContinue reading “Marxism and the third position part 1:the state by controversial thinker”

Liberal technocratic feudalism by the professor

I know I talked about this in a previous article but I thought I would expand on it a bit and go into detail on what I think liberalism and capitalism are turning into culturally, economically and what its meaning for the country, the world, and what needs to be done.                        Economic Situation  The capitalistContinue reading “Liberal technocratic feudalism by the professor”

The end of liberalism by professor

It is no surprise to many of us dissidents that the old form of liberalism is dying. Freedom of speech is being suppressed by governments, corporations, and so called anti racist groups throughout the western world. Many people have lost their jobs, bank accounts, and in some countries some have been arrested like Tommy RobinsonContinue reading “The end of liberalism by professor”

Those who criticize intellectualism by professor

Many times I hear people criticize groups of dissident people for being more about theory than action. I especially see this in the American third position circles especially when criticizing the American Blackshirts. Now while I do have my problems with the group and as I’m not a fascist I find this criticism to beContinue reading “Those who criticize intellectualism by professor”

What is pan third positionism by professor

What is the third position? Before I can answer the question on what is pan third positionism I need to answer the question what is the third position? The third position is a group of ideologies that are socially right wing i.e. nationalist and social conservative and economically left wing i.e. nationalization, workers rights, tradeContinue reading “What is pan third positionism by professor”

My critique of classical fascism by cjxproxy

before I go into this I must emphasis I don’t hate anyone that believes in the idea of classical fascism I just have some problems with the ideology Classical fascism as an ideology the original fascist ideology as developed in Italy. The ideology is associated with a series of three political parties led by BenitoContinue reading “My critique of classical fascism by cjxproxy”

14 points of pan third positionism by Cjxproxy and Professor

1 we call for a new revolutionary idea that is for combining not only all forms of the third position but also all forms of anti liberal ideology 2 we call for a unification of not only all third position ideologies excluding (hitlerian national socialism) but also the old left ,neo reactionary, anarcho nationalist, andContinue reading “14 points of pan third positionism by Cjxproxy and Professor”

I – Rationale

By pozu Over the past dozen decades, humanity and its economic system has been rapidly advancing and uncovering previously unknown secrets of the world and developing new theories in the art of Capitalist economics. Although, these new findings have lead way to a horrific future of corrupt privately owned businesses that are demonstrating the dualityContinue reading “I – Rationale”

Why Conservative Socialism 

              Why Conservative Socialism  Created By Professor and edited by cjxproxy Many times we hear that socialism has failed or there has been nothing good that has come out of socialism. We also hear many times that conservatism is a backwards moral system. These people are usually very ignorant and/or dishonest. They forget to mention howContinue reading “Why Conservative Socialism “