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Can America survive? by the professor

America is not a nation, it’s an empire. An empire that has large influence throughout the world and has many different racial, cultural, religious, and ideological groups that live inside its borders. Over the last few years America has been more divided along with it losing geo-political influence to Russia and China. This has only rapidly accelerated this year with coronavirus lockdown causing millions of people to lose their jobs and now George Floyd Riots which has caused dozens of cities to be caught on fire and over a dozen people dead. Now while I don’t think civil war will break out this year but I do see it as enviable that the United states will break up like what happened to the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia. The system itself right now is in complete chaos. The elites are either backing police like Trump or the protesters like Biden. The elites have also made a major contradiction in their thinking as well due to them supporting the lockdown but now are supporting protesters out in the streets while the coronavirus pandemic is still going on. The two political parties (Republicans and Democrats) are more divided now more than ever but also party unity has also been shaken because of the more moderate and radical factions are trying to take control of each party. Race relations are also at its lowest due to recent events. As these divides grow we’re gonna see more clashes between these groups, radicalization and even secession. We already saw several months ago dozens of counties in Virginia disobeying the new gun laws that were put in place there.

The country is slowly turning into a third world country due to it becoming poorer, division, law and order breaking down and large importation of third world people. Unlike other third world countries where they have some cultural,ethnic or religious identity that could unite the country. America won’t have that due how many different people live in this territory. It won’t even have an ideological identity that could unite the country either. This is because of multiculturalism.


This could or could not be the breaking point of this empire. However it is enviable that it will disintegrated eventually. It won’t just be on party or racial lines. It will be on many lines like ideological, cultural, religious, racial, and territorial lines. We could see many different nations come out of this some will still be liberal while other could be conservative, theocratic ,anarchist, Marxist, ethno states, third position, societies ruled by gangs or LGBT people the list goes on and on. This could be a messy break up like Yugoslavia or a more peaceful one like the Soviet Union. However even if it is a peaceful break there will probably be conflict in the coming years due to groups holding resentment towards one another for example liberals vs conservatives and could lead to countless wars that can go on for decades especially if foreign countries are involved.


We should be expecting in the coming years for society to get worse to have a bigger divide between the rich and poor,Democrat and Republican, white and black, Christian and non Christian, etc. as a group it’s best for us to be prepared and ready to defend ourselves. However due to us being few in numbers it’s best that we stay out of fights when we can and not draw attention to ourselves. The system is already tearing itself apart, there is no reason for us to be in the crossfire.


Sacred sexuality by LackJack


This is an article posted to the www.syndicalist All information in this article is based on my research and thus it is important that as you take it in, you do not reject new ideas. This article pushes to help it’s readers understand the modern decline of healthy sexual relationships and offer solutions, so that any reader may try to avoid the issue of.

Sexual Relations in Homosapiens

Sex as a cultural topic has surrounded humanity since it’s founding. Humans have had great experimentation with this natural part of our life cycle. Not only is it the bringer of life but it represents a deep sacred expression shown to a partner as a sign of passion. Throughout history we have seen this topic taken in different doses. From the promiscuous times of Ancient Greece where men and women had casual sex and deep sexual bonds with almost complete strangers. To the era of the Victorians where sex was almost blotted out of the mind of the public but kept to the bedroom. Now with modern science and a modern culture we need to use our information to form satisfying and fulfilling lifestyles. Modernity however has encouraged a lifestyle of casual sex as seen in Greece but it seems to have not recognized what we have learned. It denies dialects because it is solely based on dopamine exchange. Many relationships now are seen as progressive for being self interested and using sex as only a past time rather than a bond. Even in Greece you had seen that this practice was a form of relationship building, now only demeanored to something as miniscule as a hug. This fact is unfortunately leading to the destruction of marital interest and sexual fulfillment. (as will be displayed below)

The Effects of Casual Non Bond SexThe human body is naturally designed to bond with it’s sexual partner. This is because humans are both social and sexual bonding creatures. However if sex bonding begins to be done with numerous partners, it can lead to the body finding itself changing how it intakes sex (no evidence supporting this change causing any sort of improvement in the relationship). This change is suited for numerous partners as the idea of it; is now treated as a norm. When the person in question wants to form a deep sexual bond with a male or female, It can be difficult for the brain to return to this intimate phase [1].

This change becomes a form of dopamine addiction, where sexual desire that becomes apparent is similar to porn and drug abuse. It will also make it more likely the person will find themselves getting addicted to such dopamine substances. [5] This information was founded by the Dunedin School of Medicine, and there were no differences between the two and prior substance abuse as well were taken into account.

Sex Quality

The quality of sex has been universally agreed upon. That quality is, that deep romantic relationships have higher sexual and personal gratification [1][2][5]. This is apparent as especially in relationships that were recently struggling there was a decrease in gratification. These personal relationships also show an afterglow, afterglow is sexual satisfaction (up to 48 hours) and relationship satisfaction (months to years). Couples that experienced poor afterglow would have less satisfaction and the years of relationship satisfaction would diminish alongside. This afterglow can also diminish with each partner. [2]. The effects of these relationships can also be very negative as even with protection to the best of the ability, such as STDs and pregnancy which can only harm a person’s future ability to form bonds. For example, you will have to convince somebody to risk contracting an STD to form a bond.

How to form intimate bonds

This may seem very scary however you reader are the first person who is to push against the negative modern sexual norms that encourage casual non intimate sex. What needs to be done above all is to first form the following bonds. [6]

Intellectual – Exchanging ideas and opinions can lead to a trust between you and your partner. It can also deepen mutual interest and ideas.

Emotional – Being emotionally there for your partner is essential. You will and must experience pain, experience a deep connection, and have feelings past dopamine interest and simple attractiveness.

Physical – You must be physically open to your partner. What this means can vary between relationships. It can be something as simple as standing close by for hugs, kisses, and other signs of affection such as gifts.

The Fundamental – this person who you are attracted to is no god or animal, It is somebody like you and thus experiences, feels, and thinks like you. Do not get caught up in wanting a relationship for the sake of it. The only good foundation for relationships is deep mutual affection. 

If you’re interested in more advice on how to form intimate relationships. [6] and [3] serves as an opener to many new ideas and thoughts. However take whatever you read, as with all things, with salt, searching for different advice. 

Dopamine and Seratine 

This extends past sexual and romantic relationships and to work, lifestyle, and how to tackle it. Dopamine is often confused for happiness. However there are fundamental differences between it and Seratine which is what we would more consider as happy. (Dopamine often being experienced in casual sexual relationships)


  • Addictive
  • Short Term
  • Often experienced in personal situations (such as eating or watching a game show)
  • Can lead to addiction.


  • Not addictive
  • Long term
  • Often shared with others.
  • Lack of, leads to depression and other negative symptoms such as sadness and depression.

    Based on the evidence presented. It is more beneficial to one’s self and their relationship to form deep emotional and intimate bonds before any sexual activity is to occur. How to push such a mindset is still up for debate however unless any contradictory information is presented there is the conclusion that casual non intimate sex does not have a positive effect and will more often lead to negative situations. 






A third position case for Émile durkheim’s consensus on modernity by Cjxproxy

When we look at society we can see how in the last 80 years society (mainly in western Europe and North America) has become decadent due to the rise of neoliberalism and it has caused so many negative effects on society. From the destruction of the nuclear family and cultural values for a dysfunctional family always forced to work and the introduction to multiculturalism there are many examples of neoliberalism having a deadly effect on society. One of the biggest things that we will be discussing is the transition from mechanical modernity and organic modernity and how a third positionist society can fix this.

When looking into the concept of modernity as Emile Durkheim understood it we must first understand the basis of what his consensus is. From his perspective there are two types of modernity. Mechanical modernity being pre-modern in the sense that you’re born in a certain clan of sorts with people that have the same “collective consciousness”. modernity being that you are on your own when it comes to finding a group of people. This can be from jobs, values, religion, etc. the thing that binds all people in an organic modernity sort of society is interdependence meaning that people rely on another profession for certain needs. I believe in a third position society there can be a bridge between these two forms of modernity.

In a third positionist society since it is based on collectivism it will be easier to find a group of people you can associate with because most people in this society will have values similar to you because of the state’s enforcement of such values. Also there would be a sense of interdependence because people can still choose the religion they want to be affiliated with, what career they want to take, etc. this can lead to people being able to find a cliche of people without it being forced on them to choose who they want to associate with.

In conclusion it is safe to say that within a of a third postionist society we can bridge the gap between these two forms of modernity that Emile Durkheim had noticed within society in his lifetime.

Liberal technocratic feudalism part 2:coronavirus edition

The last time I talked about this subject I thought it would be the last time I would talk about it for at least 6 months but since the coronavirus has happened which has caused lock downs all across the world and seeing how some of my predictions are accelerating along with the system showing major cracks. Along with people becoming more angry with the system that governs them. I thought it would be a great time to talk about the subject and my predictions on where things are going and the future of the liberal world.

Let’s first start off with what I got right first the decline of small businesses and the middle class. Due to the lock down many businesses have had to close down for several month causing many people not to be able to pay their rent. If this continues we could see many small businesses start to close down permanently. Many people are out of a job so around 20 percent of Americans have lost their jobs because of this pandemic and this number will only continue to rise.

One of the biggest things I got right was that there were cracks in the system and those cracks have become more clear now. For example we now have a shortage of certain products due to the fact we get them from other countries like China and since we stopped most travel to China we now have a shortage of different products. Not to mention the stock market has gone down due to international trade being disrupted. Another crack we now see is that elites are divided on what to do. Some of them want to reopen everything while others want to continue the lockdowns till August not to mention many different states have let out criminals because of the virus while police arrest families who are walking around without mask. Along with small businesses and churches who are trying to reopen causing many people to become more disenfranchised with the current state of affairs. This has caused many people not only in America but all across the world to start protesting their governments. One final crack is that none of the elites know what the virus is. There has been countless misinformation thrown around that contradicts one another at one point they said covid-19 was airborne than another one said it wasn’t causing a lot of information to be thrown around and showing that elites don’t have control of what is considered true or not (a fact that been known before this pandemic).

                What is to come?

In truth most of this could have been prevented if these states had set up safety nets to help citizens who were out of a job because of this and the state to give money to small businesses but we all know this won’t happen or will only be done on a small scale. With all of this being said this will only continue the decline of the United States and liberal hegemony over the world. With this causing many to become disillusioned with the system ,many to lose there jobs, depression to go up, and has caused major protests all around the world. This won’t be the end of the United States or liberalism but this event will only accelerate and continue the decline of society.

In defense of idealist monism and Christianity by Cjxproxy

Something that has caught my attention that is almost eye-roll worthy is this antithetical approach towards religion (especially Christianity) and idealism out of a sense that everything has to have to have a material origin. This however has been shown to be fruitless and almost an in-cognitive virus of the mind.

When looking at Christianity they will say that it has no basis in cognitive functioning and logic. This I would have to disagree with from a semi-positivist viewpoint. If we look at things such as anthropology, astronomy, etc it has been shown that biblical events have occurred in the past from a scientific understanding. Things such as the flood of Noah have been shown to have occurred in some capacity. For example over 50 or so ancient cultures believed in a great flood that wiped out most of humanity. From an astronomical standpoint it has been shown that the Big Bang couldn’t have had a material origin without an immaterial force guiding the process of the Big Bang’s space-time expansion. This immaterial force being unstable fluctuations in a quantum state can produce space-time and matter. Everything has to have an origin from something. It is undoubtedly un-scientific to suggest that anything can come from a source of absolute nothingness.

If we look at the phenomenological and sociological continuities of all of this it has been shown that Christianity has had more of a positive influence both on society and on the individual more specifically on that person’s conscious experiences with the help of Christian objective morality. In no society has there ever and never could ever be based on pure atheism with the removal of the concept of god. This is because you can never have a society that is based purely on morality that is gained only from its surroundings. Objective morality must have a source in the divine because this morality has an origin of being that can Inturn be applied to the material world. Even if you take religion out of the equation your still left with a god-like source. Instead of it being the divine it comes from a cult of personality. Just look at Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin, and North Korea. the phenomenological aspect of my analysis this helps the individual’s conscious experience in how to act in certain situations without acting as an immoral monster. Also with consciousness it can not be explained as a material substance without suggesting it has metaphysical qualities. It has never been able to be fully explained as one and never will. If you look at plants it has been shown that even they have a conscious and can feel pain. There is no explanation for this In a material sense

In conclusion Christianity and idealist monism have been shown to have more of an impact on society than what materialists will like to tell you. Not everything comes from a material origins such as consciousness , you can’t have a society based on atheism due to its lack of objective morality, and Christianity can be proven to at least have some partial truth

The Third Position Mindset by the professor

There is a problem in the Third Position. Throw out my 2 years of being a third positionist. I have noticed many self proclaimed third positionists who still have boomer conservative talking points about socialism and third positionist who still hold onto many socially progressive ideas from their liberal/left wing days. These people do not have a third position mindset and that’s what I will be going over on what is a third position mindset, how it’s different from a capitalist and communist mindset, and I’ll be making a second article on what is a pan third position mindset.

What is the Third position mindset?

The third position mindset is a revolutionary and intellectual mindset. It’s a revolutionary mindset in the sense that it’s constantly seeking self improvement whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, or intellectual improvement along with wanting self improvement for their people whether it be their nation, religion, cultural or ethnic group. The third position is a inherently collectivist mindset that is looking for the betterment of society with that being said that doesn’t mean that we can’t be decentralized in economics. For there to be a third position society third positionists must have an internal revolution inside themselves.

The third position is also a intellectual mindset that seeks to break the false dichotomy of left vs right. The third position seeks to go beyond capitalism and communism and create something entirely new. A third positionist shouldn’t be scared of what other ideologies have to say; they should take the best aspects of all ideologies. Third positionists should create an analysis of the current neo liberal system understanding of how it works. The last important aspect of this is a third positionist must read other ideologies literature even if it is opposed to our ideal world a third positionist must become a scholar of all fields in the political science, economics, philosophy, etc and he or she must be willing to take a controversial stand against the modern liberal society. For the third position to succeed, third positionists must tear down every false dichotomy and lie that the neo liberal system propped up to keep the people in line. Then we rebuild a new way of thinking about life and politics. A system based on meritocracy,nationalism, conservatism, socialism and identity. Then we will truly have a new Rome or Plato republic.

Marxism and the third position part 1:the state by controversial thinker

Disclaimer: Everything I say in this article is still up for debate in Marxist circles so don’t expect marxists you know to agree with you if you start saying the points made in this article. This is a very controversial topic and marxists all have their vision what of Socialism, Marxism, and/or communism is and they all think theirs is the correct one. Keep that in mind as you read this.

“Hence the abolition of private property and communism are by no means identical…”

-Karl Marx in a letter written in 1843. This letter would be later referenced as “A Ruthless Critique of Everything”

“Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.”

-Excerpt From “On the German Ideology” by Karl Marx.

For those reading who understand what communists say on the internet or even in modern parties within capitalist countries, you have probably heard that communism has a set a of rules/characteristics that MUST BE FOLLOWED. In the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx defined communism in one sentence: the doctrine of the liberation of the proletariat. In this series of articles I’ve titled “Marxism and The Third Position”, I will be picking apart what modern marxists attribute to what a communist society should look like. I hope to show you that reading Marx is useful and will not leave you rambling about how the state must wither away or how we have to kill rich people. I am trying to separate Marx from his dogmatic followers.

Dogmatic followers of Marx have, since the 20th century, have quoted excerpts from Marx’s works attempting to define some sort of communist society. They quote Marx from his Critique of the Gotha Programme in order to justify a stateless, classless, and moneyless society. This work is primarily why I have decided to write this series of articles. We need a new outlook on Marx that really captures his logic and critique of capitalism.

Before I pick apart why what modern marxists are doing is a terrible thing to do if you respect any of Marx’s work, let us analyze what their definition of communism means. The term “state” within Marxist circles is very different from the fascist definition or the hegelian definition. The modern Marxist interpretation can be summed up as “a legal institution that is wielded by one class to subjugate another through things like property laws.” This is obviously very different from the hegelian state. Marx’s full commentary on the hegelian state has been lost. Which is very tragic for these dogmatists as that means they will have to think for themselves for once. Marx wrote a criticism in 1843 about Hegel’s philosophy of Right. While doing so, Marx started to critique religion and he stated, “This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world.” He then went onto say a few sentences later, “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” This is important as it is key to understanding Marx’s view of the state compared to those who claim to follow him now.

Marx defines The State differently here than in his other works because earlier in the text he refers to state and society as seperate which is something Hegel did in the work that Karl Marx is criticizing. So we will assume he is using the basic Hegelian definition of The State. For those unfamiliar with the definition an easy summary I can offer is, “the sum of all the will and self-consciousness of each individual under it manifested into reality.” Marx says that The State creates religion. This is true to some degree as the will of man, his ethics, and his understanding of himself create spirituality and The State institutionalizes this spirituality into an organized religion. So Marx does grasp Hegel’s state in its basics. Marx however thinks that religion is a sign of suffering and in order to destroy religion, one must destroy suffering. In other works Marx goes onto say how capitalism makes people miserable and therefore perpetuates religious authority. While people like me who are religious have a different interpretation of spirituality and religion, Marx is correct to say that hard times do allow religious authorities, such as corrupt priests and church leaders, to flourish.

This is where many modern marxists messed up Marx. For example, The Soviet Union thought that eliminating religion would end the pain peasants went through in Ukraine from the priests extorting them and such. So they enforced State Atheism. This led to a terrible understanding of spirituality and increased atheism embedded in the population which only increased hostility to anything associated with religion. Instead of eliminating the pains in the material world that upheld these atrocious religious regimes, the Soviet Union attacked religion itself. They abandoned Marx’s critique of religion to skip ahead to an ideal Marx liked. This is why taking ideals such as stateless, classlessness, and moneylessness and pursuing them is a terrible option. Marx said in the letter mentioned at the top of this article that “we do not dogmatically anticipate the world, but only want to find the new world through criticism of the old one.” This is why a healthy view of Marx is important. He makes a good point. In order to create a new system, we must make it from our critiques of the old. We must not try to establish it from our anticipations or aspirations as to what it shall look like. That leads to things like war, famine, state atheism, etc.

Karl Marx has some grasp of The State when he talks specifically about Hegel. He is however, not Hegel. He can never replace Hegel with his class reductionist analysis. His analysis however should not be ignored. We see the effects of it being ignored. One of which was State Atheism. The Third Positionists have a chance to fix what the old marxists and what the new marxists have gotten wrong, are getting wrong, and will keep getting wrong. We reject dichotomy. We can correct the parties that claim to represent Marx’s critique and expose them for the dangers they present.

Liberal technocratic feudalism by the professor

I know I talked about this in a previous article but I thought I would expand on it a bit and go into detail on what I think liberalism and capitalism are turning into culturally, economically and what its meaning for the country, the world, and what needs to be done.

                       Economic Situation 

The capitalist class is becoming a lot more different from the capitalist class of the 20th century. The big factory owners or the rich landlords aren’t the only people part of the ruling class. There’s a new elite that is rising in the liberal world called the technocrats. Since the rise of the internet a new market like no other has risen out of it. Things such as online shopping, social media, and PC gaming has made people not only into millionaires but also billionaires people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos just to name a few. While the GDP has expanded and the internet has created many wonderful things however the average American life hasn’t gone up wages are stagnant, housing prices keep going up and people losing their jobs to automation and immigration from foreigners which many of these technocrats have promoted like Jeff Bezos funding open border campaigns. With all this the middle class keeps shrinking and shrinking. The small businesses are also disappearing as well with corporations buying them out or being put out business by these corporations. Power has been becoming more and more centralized into a corporate sphere with them having a monopoly on production and culture. They also have a major influence in the government with their lobbying powers. buying out politicians to serve their own interests like deregulation, more cheap labor ,and lobbying for war. As this power keeps centralizing the people lose more power to these corporations as there dependence grow on them for jobs. This is only natural due to the fact that power always centralizes but this power structure doesn’t benefit the nation it only hurts it with causing people to become more poor along with many cultural effects which I will talk about in the next part. 

                 Culture and The New Church 

With these corporations gaining more power and they become more like feudal landlords by the year. They have started to construct a new religion for the people to replace the old ways. Some have called it The Cathedral others have called it the church of woke. Whatever you call it has been helping them to keep their power to root out dissidences. With Social media and progressive academics playing a bigger part in people morals beliefs than religion has in the last several decades. They have been able to construct religion to keep the people under their control. Unlike traditional religion where it teaches the people good work ethic, strong families, building communities based upon family, faith, identity, and trust. What the church of woke and its preachers in academia, Hollywood and the media promote self pleasure, capitalist materialism, hedonism, hyper individualism, and destruction of all cultural, ethnic, and religious identity across the world all in the name of diversity. They have already water down the Christian communities here in the west and their slowly doing it to the Muslims. Anyone who speaks out against it is considered bigoted, racist or sexist and risk being fired from there jobs, having there bank accounts closed, having there freedom of speech being suppressed or being outcastes from there communities. Not to mention they actively spy on people from their phones. There is also the rise of consumer culture which the opium of the masses. This has made the people weak and unaware of what’s going on in their country (or unwilling to do anything about it) It makes people more interested in the next marvel or dc movie than what’s going on in their actual community. It’s also a life without meaning going to school or work for 8 hours a day to only go watch Netflix, get on social media, or jerk off to porn until you fall asleep.  


The end result of liberalism is not only the destruction of all cultures, peoples, and anti liberal ideologies but also trying to reach the end of history like what neo liberal thinker Francis Fukuyama wants but there’s already cracks in the system many anti liberal countries still exist and are resisting liberalism and in liberal countries people have become depressed, live in poverty and are more displaced with the system then ever before. There are two real questions here. Will the people finally have enough and want change? if that’s what they want and they succeed then what comes after?

The end of liberalism by professor

It is no surprise to many of us dissidents that the old form of liberalism is dying. Freedom of speech is being suppressed by governments, corporations, and so called anti racist groups throughout the western world. Many people have lost their jobs, bank accounts, and in some countries some have been arrested like Tommy Robinson for example. There is also the possibility of becoming a social outcast for criticizing certain groups and policy like immigration, LGBT, Zionists, and many more.

Many of us have speculated on what will happen if we continue on this route. I’m pretty sure most people would agree that most western countries will continue to import cheap third world labor, and to finish off the rest of the anti liberal countries like Russia, Syria, and Iran. Once that is done they will continue degrading people making them dumber from generation to generation and continue to make the people weak by convincing people that instant pleasure, such as consumerism, porn, degenerate sexual behaviors like LGBT and polygamy . Along with ghetto culture, drugs, alcoholism, and liberal culture in general and to eventually have the people be apolitical sheep that work for poor wages, arguably genderless, consumeristic drones who do what ever to have enough money to go to see the next remake of the Avengers or Harley Quinn movies.

To a large degree this has already happened the liberals have established complete cultural hegemony in all institutions education, Hollywood, social media, etc but it’s not over there are many dissidents throughout the world that are actively opposing liberalism and capitalism. Weather they be, Third Positionist, Marxist, Palo Conservatives, Anarchist, Traditionalist, Duginist, etc. The main problem is that many of these movements have been hijacked in the western world, especially in the United States. Many so called Marxists and Anarchists here have been hijacked by the establishment. In the US most of these people care more for the LGBTQ and Open Borders and not for actual working class issues like living conditions, wages, class struggle, etc. Third Positionists here are fictionalized between more moderate and more radical factions along with many so called Third Positionist who are just White Nationalist with third position symbolism or caring too much about race causing them to lose comrades in non white and white communities. While many reactionaries continue to support the corrupt system of capitalism not understanding that the corporations will never be on their side and they don’t know how to solve the economic problem besides splitting corporations up instead of solving the problem permanently or they want to go back to feudalism which has been outdated for a good while now. You can make the same argument for Palo conservatives and Hoppeans as well. What we need to do is collaborate with anti liberal, anti capitalist, socially conservative, and Nationalist groups. We also need to start understanding geopolitics, cultural hegemony, and economic models for the 21st century. We also need to try to find ways to go around the system such as creating communes, cooperatives, etc. to practice our economic ideals and cultural values. Along with not following into the same traps our predecessor did.

Those who criticize intellectualism by professor

Many times I hear people criticize groups of dissident people for being more about theory than action. I especially see this in the American third position circles especially when criticizing the American Blackshirts. Now while I do have my problems with the group and as I’m not a fascist I find this criticism to be very poorly thought out and a good example to use against this criticism.

We have to understand that this is a first time in a half a century that a real classical fascist movement has come in existence here in America and we also have to remember that the third position is very small and fictionalized. We also have to understand that classical fascism has not been updated in over 70 years and we are not in Italy and things have changed drastically so they need to come up with new ideas on how to solve cultural and economic issues. For that they need political theory and that’s what they are doing. Also People like Marx’s, Locke, and other small moments didn’t start out with rallies and running for office no these groups started out in small circles were they wrote books and slowly tried to enter into places of power. Marx’s ideas were not enacted till 1917 over 30 to 40 years after he died and same with Locke with the American and French Revolutions’. If a dissident movement wants to go anywhere it needs to truly understand the problem of the modern world and how to fix them. That’s why we need more theory right now than action.