The Nation as an Organism and the Homeless Crisis

A while back I went to a family event. Were me and my dad were talking to one of my uncles who is a police officer about the increasing homeless population in our town and why this was happening? He told us that the nearby city which allows the homeless to camp their caused the homeless population to increase so much that it started to overflow into ours and other nearby towns. Then to top it all off the newer police officers where not enforcing the law to make sure that the homeless do not set up camp here.

Of course, this isn’t just a problem in my town or in the city nearby me. I hear all the time from Republicans about how bad the cities have gotten with crime and the homeless due to Democrats running these cities with their failed policies.  While there is some truth to this like weak drug/crime laws, allowing the homeless to camp there, high prices on housing and more recently in some cities defunding the police which has caused the crisis to accelerate. While the Republicans are correct in pointing out these problems but like always, they fail to provide a real solution. Some like Republican commentator Tim Pool have said to abandon the cities and allow the Democrats to do what they want at the expense of our own people. Others have said to just enforce laws to prevent the homeless to camp in their towns. The Second option which is the best one out of the two only slows down the problem from entering into their area and in the case of Tim Pool idea makes the problem even worse. Which just shows how the Republican Party isn’t worth a damn.

Something that the Republicans do not like to talk about is how their very own Ronald Reagan has contributed to this problem by emptying out and defunding mental hospitals and backing the Nicaraguan drug trafficking group the Contras. Which allowed a drug epidemic to start in the country and caused the homeless population and crime to rise (more on this later). These “conservatives” have forgotten that one of the main principles of conservativism is to maintain order which they have failed to do. Along with failing to understand that society is an organism that is intertwined and connected with each other. If one part of society begins to decay it will affect the other parts of society negatively which has been pointed out by real Conservatives like Brook Adams and Oswald Spengler.

Now that we understand that were all connected. We can now start asking ourselves the question on why is there a homeless crisis? and how do we fix it? I know I somewhat answered the first question, but we need to go a little more in depth first.

    Why are People Homeless

There are 3 main reasons why some people are homeless and many times these 3 interwinded with one another. The first one is they cannot find a job, have an extreme drug addiction, or severe mental illness were their incapable of having a job. All 3 of these have been problems not just for the homeless and jobless but for those who do have homes and jobs as well.

        The Job Problem

In this part of the article, I will only talk about those who cannot find a good paying job, who are looking for one and do not have the other 2 problems.  Throughout the history of capitalism there has always been those who cannot find work.  Whether it be because the market crashed, outsourcing of jobs or the importation of cheap labor. Whatever the reason is the fact of the matter is that big businesses put profits above people in their own country. The reason why they outsource or import cheap labor is because it’s cheaper to do so and the reason why the market crashes is because capitalism is inherently unstable. Which has crashed throughout its entire history. Like what was stated in my previous article is that the state should not allow companies to grow that large or more powerful than the state. Therefore, the state should either nationalize or break up these corporations into dozens of different companies so that these people can have stable jobs that wont replace them. The state should also make housing as affordable as possible. I can already hear the conservatives and liberals cry out the accusation of COMMUNISM. Which my response is communism is the abolishing of private property as stated in The Communist Manifesto and that one of the biggest supporters of busting up of corporations was Republican President Theodor Roosevelt.

The next question I know they will ask is what stopping the state from outsourcing or importing labor. My response is that the state is based around an idea. If a state is based around capital and limited government it will surely do so but if the state is based around authority, people, Identity, nation, and family it will not do these things because it will be based around the people of this country and their needs. Another way to get people jobs is government funded work programs like what was done under FDR or give incentives to businesses to open up shop in these areas.

     The Mental Health Crisis

Prior to the modern homeless crisis in America. The severely mentally ill were kept in mental asylums which kept them off the streets and from becoming homeless.  However not all was perfect in these asylums. There was abuse and neglect of patients at these places, which got national attention in the late 1940s and the government started to regulate these institutions.  By the 1960s a growing movement in America called for the end of institutionalization of the mentally ill and keeping them there against they’re will.

During this time President John F Kennedy signs the Community Mental Health act which pushed for the responsibility of mentally ill patients from the states to the federal government. JFK wanted to also create an alternative to the alyssum by creating networks of community mental health centers where mentally ill people could live in the community and receive care. Less than a month later JFK was killed, the plan didn’t go all the way and less than half the centers were built.

 In 1967 the first deinstitutionalizing of the mental health system along with cutting the spending to the Department of Mental Hygiene happened in California under Governor Ronald Reagan. Which caused an increase of homelessness and crime amongst the mentally ill in California. Then in 1981 now President Reagan signs the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act which pushes the responsibility of mentally ill patients back onto the states and spending on mental illness declines. In 2004 the Department of Justice’s estimates around 10 percent of prison population has psychotic disorder and in 2015 it was reported around 55 percent of people experiencing homelessness had some form of severe mental illness.

 It is now clear that when the government cut spending and made the mental health crisis a state issue made the problem worse. When the State fails to live up to its moral obligations of protecting it people the problems only got worse. When the states put limited government and freedoms above order and duty along with having the state contradiction itself in one region to another and not moving in a single motion these problems are bound to happen. There are 3 options. Which all of them involve mental health patients being put back into the hands of the federal government. The first being bring back institutionalization and the asylums being put under government control. The second being the JFK option and the third being a mixture of both. Allowing those with treatable mental illnesses to have safety nets and health centers along with allowing them to participate in normal society. While institutionalization of those who cannot be treated and are a threat to themselves and the rest of society or those who cannot function on their own.

              The Drug Crisis

There are many causes to the modern drug crisis that not just effects the poor and homeless but all of society. Some would point to big pharma and them subscribing very addictive opioids and pills causing many to have health problems and even death. Some would point to the weak immigration policies and border security which has allowed drug cartels to take advantage and expand their criminal empires into the US. While these all have their truths to them and furthers proves the point that the modern state care more about capital then its own people, but this rabbit hole goes deeper. It goes back almost 60 years ago in Colombia. During this time Columbia was having a communist insurgency and the USA along with US corporations who had businesses in the region took notice. A long with threatening the Columbian government with invasion if they did not protect their corporations like the United Fruit Company.  It was not long after that these corporations and the US government would start to fund anti communist paramilitaries groups with many of them being involved with drug trafficking and some like MAS even had affiliations with Pablo Escobar Cartel along with receiving funding by US corporations like Texaco Inc. There were also allegations of the Coca Cola company funding some of these groups particularly the AUC. Even after the US label these groups as terrorist organizations, corporations like Chiquita still funded these groups and only got a fine by the US government.

Now let’s move to are last country of interest Nicaragua which was having a civil war in the 1980s. The US took notice and started funding a group called the Contras which was also into drug trafficking however when congress found out they stopped the funding however President Reagan would continue to fund them secretly by selling weapons to Iran then giving the money to the Contras. Which was leaked by the press and it stopped the funding permanently.

However, the damage was already done though. Many of these drugs made there way into the US and started a drug epidemic. That caused many to lose their lively hoods and caused many deaths due to overdoses and gang warfare. Others became so addicted that they ended up becoming homeless. The US government would launch the war on drugs which only made the situation worse putting people who only did drugs into prisons. Turning them into criminals when they came out or keeping them in prison for most of their lives. The best thing that can be done is for all these companies who took part in this to be dismantled and if there’s any funding that is still being given to these drug trafficking groups to stop. Along with a total pull out of all these companies from these countries. Try to establish more positive relations with these countries and strengthening of our borders. Then give mandatory rehabilitation for drug users instead of prison and getting these people off the streets. Then give harsh sentences to people who are involved with drug dealing and criminal organizations.


When the state realizes that the nation is an organism and has a responsibility to its people and not capital. Then the state will have wiser economic, social, and foreign policies. Along with having a better way with dealing with the homeless crisis.  Once moral authority and duty is established then we will get out of this crisis but sadly that will probably not happen. Due to the liberal state being filled with corruption and lobbying.  Only the Illiberal state can fix the problems of modern society permanently.


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